Our Vision


"To bring innovation to industry. Through this we aim to; 1. Develop the next generation of products to address unmet needs, and 2. Provide economically and environmentally conscientious solutions to existing problems."

Research and Development


Launched in 2019 - NuChemie industrial was established to provide innovative solutions for modern industrial needs. Built on this premise our first industrial product - the NuCool cutting fluid - was designed to improve the workplace compliance and reduce environmental impacts of these products. Today, NuChemie is building on this premise to offer new products for the textile, digital printing, and personal care industries. We invite you to learn more about our products and, see how NuChemie can aid in improving your businesses workflow and efficiency.

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cutting fluids

and lubricants

water-soluble cutting fluids engineered for exceptional lubricity and optimal cooling



Textile Printing

Printing Auxiliaries designed to enable direct to fabric printing with high dynamic resolution and improved depth of color

Textile Auxiliaries

Auxiliaries for improving textile properties. From hydrophilicity to hydrophobicity we are developing the next generation of textile additives



Polymers and Additives

We are developing new polymers for additive manufacturing

Fiber Auxiliaries

Using our proprietary technology we are developing next gen additives for composite manufacturing.



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