NuLink Biotin-24

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NuLink Biotin-24


NuLink Biotin-24 is a one-step water soluble reagent suitable for the biotinylation of a variety of biomolecules. NuLink Biotin-24 makes use of the quaternary ammonium salt (native to all NuLink reagents) to provide superior water solubility thereby rendering the need for organic solvents unnecessary. Like all NuLink reagents, NuLink Biotin-24 is stable under aqueous conditions and exhibits rapid reaction kinetics with ε-NH2 of Lysine residues.


  • Rapid – reactions can be complete in less than 15 min with clean product ready in under 1 hr.
  • Quantifiable – No need for HABA assays! NuLink Biotin-24 can be quantified with a simple single-point U.V. scan (335 nm).
  • Dual Monitoring – NuLink Biotin-24 renders labeled molecules with unique absorbance (335 nm) and fluorescent (420 nm) signatures.
  • Minimal byproducts – NuLink regents produce only inert CO2 upon reaction. Unreacted or hydrolyzed reagent is easily removed by means of a number of downstream processing steps.




Chemical Formula: C33H51IN6O7S, Molecular Weight: 802.26

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No Safety Information is available for this product at this time. This product is made available for research purposes only.

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Protocols for the labeling of proteins, including antibodies (ABs) and carrier proteins have been provided in the documents below. Each document details reaction conditions, and includes information regarding buffer compatibility, reaction kinetics, and troubleshooting for the most commonly encountered problems.

Biotinylation Protocol

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