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NuLink Pegylation

Coming Soon

NuChemie will be introducing a multitude of pegylation reagents designed for both materials applications and bioconjugation. Pegylation reagents will be available pre-functionalized with reagents from the NuLink platform; maleimides (for conjugation with thiols), azides (for conjugation to alkynes using either CuAAC or SPAAC), alkynes (for conjugation to azides using CuAAC), thioesters (for reaction with amines or N-terminal cysteines). Using the distinct chromophore of the NuLink platform each of NuChemie's pegylation reagents are quantifiable, providing the simplest workflow for quality control over pegylation available today.

NuLink Pegylation | .1, .5, 1 g |                                                                                                                  Coming Soon

  • Quantifiable – NuLink PEG reagents are quantifiable by UV
  • Sulfhydryl Reactive – Ready for reaction with alkyl thiols or native cysteine residues
  • Amine Reactive – Ready for reaction with amines or N-terminal cysteine residues
  • Azide Reactive – Ready for reaction with azides by CuAAC
  • Alkyne Reactive – Ready for reaction with alkynes via CuAAC and SPAAC


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