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NuLink Reagents

NuChemie's proprietary NuLink technology has been engineered to provide the simplest means of installing chemical functionality onto almost any biomolecule platform. NuLink reagents have been developed for two key features vital to reliable bioconjugation - water solubility, and quantification. To impart water solubility, NuChemie has incorporated into its NuLink platform a quaternary ammonium salt to provide for enhanced solubility in aqueous environments. Quantification is enabled by the intrinsic chromophore which allows for process optimization and validation at every step of the bioconjugation workflow. The NuLink platform has also been developed to enable the installation of a wide variety of chemical functionality. Unlike other commercially available bioconjugation technologies, NuChemie strives to provide the greatest possible diversity in its bioconjugation platform. From Azides and Alkynes, to Biotinylation, NuChemie has one of the broadest platforms available today. NuChemie is also committed to the incorporation of new technologies within its proprietary platform and is always introducing new products. Some key features of the NuLink reagents are:


  • Easy to use – NuLink reagents have been optimized for ease of use.
  • Water Soluble – All NuLink reagents exhibit water solubility mitigating the need for organic solvents.
  • Amphiphile – Where needed NuLink reagents can be used in organic solvents.
  • UV Traceable – Simple UV scan enable the quantification of the installed functionality.
  • Fluorescent – NuLink reagents have a fluorescent signature.

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NuLink Pegylation

U.V. quantifiable pegylation reagents enables the simplest means of determining degree of pegylation to date. Available in a variety of lengths.

NuLink Polymers

NuChemie offers a wide variety of polycaprolactone (PCL) polymers. Each PCL lot is certified metal-free.

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Asymmetric Lys-Lys

NuChemie offers a class of kinetically controlled reagents for asymmetric Lys-Lys conjugations.