Poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(ε-caprolactone)

ABA Triblock Polymers

PCL-PEG-PCL is an amphiphilic triblock polymer composed of a central hydrophilic PEG block segment covalently attached to two terminating hydrophobic PCL blocks. By varying the relative lengths of these two  blocks, materials with highly defined characteristics can easily be prepared. Each of the PCL blocks terminate in a hydroxyl group, and is available for further chemical modification. These PCL-PEG-PCL ABA triblock polymers have been intensively investigated as materials for drug delivery devices, and as thermoplastic elastomers.

Certified Metal Free


Superior Characteristics


Easy Cleanup



NuChemie Polymers

NuChemie offers a complete set of PCL based polymers with highly defined characteristics. NuChemie offers both PCL, and PCL-based AB and ABA block copolymers. Each PCL batch is manufactured “tin free” and comes certified as such.

Custom Synthesis

NuChemie offers complete custom synthesis for your polymer needs. We offer large-scale production capabilities, and tailoring of polymer compositions. For PCL-PEG-PCL ABA triblock polymers, please provide polymer composition and amount needed using a customer inquiry form. Please allow 24 hrs for your inquiry to addressed.


PCL 1K-PEG 1K-PCL 1K | SKU NCP010 | .5, 1, 10 g |                                                                                  Click to Buy

PCL 2K-PEG 1K-PCL 2K | SKU NCP011 | .5, 1, 10 g |                                                                                  Click to Buy

PCL 5K-PEG 1K-PCL 5K | SKU NCP012 | .5, 1, 10 g |                                                                                  Click to Buy

PCL 1K-PEG 2K-PCL 1K | SKU NCP013 | .5, 1, 10 g |                                                                                  Click to Buy


PCL 2K-PEG 2K-PCL 2K | SKU NCP014 | .5, 1, 10 g |                                                                                  Click to Buy

PCL 10K-PEG 2K-PCL 10K | SKU NCP015 | .5, 1, 10 g |                                                                              Click to Buy

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